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Hi, I’m Abby. You may know me as vyvansemommy (if you’re a new gen follower), based.incel (if you’re a real one), or boopyshmurda (if you’re a day one OG).

This is my baby, my brainchild, my opus. It is a distillation of my internal world, all for you to consume. I created this because I wanted a platform where I can make content that is genuine and meaningful, and to have a more intimate community space with people who care about what I have to say.

I am a chronic oversharer to a fault, have a very poor sense of boundaries, and obsessive tendencies - the result of these faults is a Substack that is a mix of vulnerable, run-on, TMI, nerdy empiricism, poetry, and diary-esque.

A $6/month paid subscription will buy you access to my more vulnerable writing (real diary entries, very personal stories, guest writing from my loved ones, art, podcast) as well as a closer community. We brainstorm articles together, I ask for advice, and try to get to know you. I work very hard to make sure that a paid sub is actually worth it, and I really hope you do enjoy.

However you choose to subscribe, I really hope you do. I love Substack so dearly.

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The contents of my mind as a chronic oversharer, OCD sufferer, overly sentimentalist, 22 year old Internet Girl. My greatest joy in having an internet presence is being vulnerable, and this is the space in which I love doing so.


vyvansemommy, boopyshmurda, based.incel, however you may know me - here I am. Thank you for liking what I think and say. This is my baby, my brainchild, my passion.